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Your Ultimate Guide To Diet, Exercise, Supplements, Drug Testing, and Lifestyle



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Our Evolution Is Complete

After changing the company name and focus, we are independently continuing the tradition of that high-quality support with this online portal that will give you superb information on:

  • Diet
  • Targeted weight loss
  • Nutrition
  • Cognitive health and enhancements
  • Advice on drug use
  • Advice on drug test support (detoxification and synthetic)


Content is written by our team of experienced experts on all of these topics, with an average of 10 years experience in supporting people online with weight loss, cognition, and drug testing support.

Get Great Health Product recommendations & Support

Medifast not only offered tailored weight loss programs and support online and at centers across the USA, but also sold high-quality nutrition and other supplements online as well.

We can support your holistic wellness program, your diet and exercise regime, your cognitive boosting targets, and support you through important drug tests, by recommending an incredible range of high quality products that we use and trust ourselves.

Through comprehensive user guides, reviews, and support documents, you’ll get the very latest and best information needed to start your wellness journey and flourish.

Specifically, we will be covering products in the following key industries:

1. Drug Testing Support

Products to get clean fast, and support you through potential pre-employment and employment drug testing:

2. Cognitive Wellbeing & Enhancement

Our high quality advice will tell you exactly how to enhance your cognitive levels and enhance your general wellbeing while using our fitness advice and supplements, and when navigating through drug testing.

3. Core Diet And Exercise Success

Through detailed guides on exercising, diet & nutrition, weight training (including cutting and bulking), and how to use bodybuilding and nutritional supplements safely, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.


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Fantastic support through great quality content. Helped me with my employment and drug testing problems. Easy to read and implement strategies that actually work.


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If you’re looking for a single resource that has you covered with great advice on diet, nutrition, exercise, drug testing and employment, and supplements then this is it!