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Best Synthetic Urine For A Lab Test: Which Modern Fake Urine Can Pass Lab Level Scrutiny?

If you are researching how to pass a urine drug test then you will routinely be advised to use synthetic urine. But what’s the best synthetic urine for lab test level drug testing?

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about using synthetic urine to pass any type of drug test right now. Drug testing isn’t actually as complex as you might think, and I’m going to talk you through every stage of what happens to your sample so that you can see that.

I’ll explain the different synthetic urine brands, and how they compare and contrast. I’ll tell you which ones are good, which ones are passable, and which ones are a disaster.  I’ll tell you where to buy fake pee, and why you shouldn’t buy it locally (the elusive synthetic urine near me search that the desperate do).

Finally, I’ll tell you exactly how to use the best fake urine brands on the market with detailed reviews and instructions.

So in this guide you’ll learn:

  • How drug testing works
  • The stages your sample will go through
  • The different types of synthetic urine available
  • The good Vs the bad synthetic urine brands
  • Where to buy synthetic urine
  • How to use fake urine successfully
  • Best synthetic urine brands reviewed

Where To Buy Fake Pee

Although you can pick up synthetic urine locally, I really wouldn’t advise you ever do that.

The reason is simple. Only poor-quality products are sold in physical stores. That’s because they are sold at wholesale really cheaply, and can be marked up to a really high price to maximize profit. For example, a really poor quality synthetic urine brand called Magnum can be bought online for $30. I know for a fact you can buy it at wholesale for about seven dollars.

I’ve seen examples of Magnum being sold for $40 or $50 in local stores. So you can see, you’re just spending more money on urine that won’t pass a drug test.

Don’t Do The Synthetic Urine Near Me Search

Leading on from what I’ve just said, don’t ever do the “synthetic urine near me” search to try and find synthetic urine locally. Usually this is done in desperation. With some preparation you can avoid failing the drug test by grabbing cheap synthetic urine.

So don’t do it. Read on, and get yourself armed with high-quality, lab-grade, synthetic urine so you never have to worry about this ever again.

What Is A Drug Test Cheating Device?

A drug test cheating device can be literally anything that helps you to pass a drug test when you have drug metabolites in your body that would usually be detected.

These are the main categories that could be classed as a cheating device:

  1. Masking the toxins for a few hours, using a high-quality detox drink.
  2. Synthetic urine, where you are submitting a fake urine sample rather than your own urine.
  3. Using an actual device to submit your sample. Usually a prosthetic penis, or an internal female device that holds urine and is placed inside the vagina. These aren’t really needed, because they don’t really work that well and can be easily spotted.
  4. Detox pills are part of a cheating kit. They will work on their own, and the best can remove toxins up to 50% faster, but you’ll probably still need a detox drink to mask any stray toxins on the day of your test.
  5. Some people also advocate using a synthetic urine belt. I’ll explain why that’s not a great idea in a moment.

So as you can see, it’s any product used to pass a urine drug test. The easiest method though, is to simply submit a fake sample.

What Is A Synthetic Urine Kit?

As well as describing things as cheating devices, people also talk about a synthetic urine kit. It sounds grand, but what is it? The kit is literally the box with the things in to pass the test. That’s all it is, there’s nothing special going on here.

So if you buy fake pee, you’re getting a plastic bottle of synthetic urine with a temperature strip on the side. You’ll also get a heatpad or other temperature maintenance source, and something to attach the heatpad to the urine bottle.

So don’t get panicky about synthetic urine kits, you’re not missing out here, it’s just a term used for a box of fake urine.

synthetic urine for drug test

Should You Use A Synthetic Urine Belt?

Let me first explain the three levels of scrutiny you could come under when submitting your urine sample:

  1. You are completely unsupervised. There will not be anyone in the room with you, or you’ll at least be behind a screen. They can’t look at you, it’s illegal.
  2. You will be supervised during your test. This means someone will be in the room with you. They will be at a distance and won’t be looking at you directly though.
  3. You will be directly observed. As you’ve probably guessed, someone is literally standing there with you watching urine exit your body.

Most urine drug tests are unsupervised. The only times they aren’t are as follows:

  • If you are being retested after an initial failure
  • It’s a probation drug test
  • It’s a court ordered drug test
  • It’s a law enforcement drug test

There may be a few other very specific circumstances, but you get the general idea.

So you will only need a synthetic urine belt if you wanted to smuggle it in and use a tap dispenser, or even a prosthetic penis.

Although belts can allow a man or woman to sit or stand in a natural position. Fiddling around between your legs with a tap and pipe is not natural. So although they are often recommended for supervised drug tests, in reality, they are pretty impossible to use.

Also, the prosthetic penises you can get look ludicrous. More like something that will be strapped on by a dominatrix, and certainly not something that would go unobserved.

So I’m telling you to ignore incognito belts. Synthetic urine belts are a disaster, and if you’re facing an observed/supervised test, then your best strategy is to detox using pills, and mask the remaining toxins on the day of your test with a high-quality detox drink.

Here’s What Actually Happens During A Urine Drug Test

For an unsupervised urine test, the process is pretty straightforward:

  1. You complete some paperwork, either on your own or with someone like a receptionist or administrator.
  2. You’ll go behind a screen, or into a different area, and you’ll submit your sample into a cup. This usually has a temperature strip on the side.
  3. You’ll then hand your sample over and pretty much leave immediately.
  4. The only variation to the above is if it’s an automated test. This will be either an eCup or xCup test (eCup is five panel test while xCup tests can be anything above that level of panels). In this circumstance you could be on your own from start to finish, so just simply submit your pee sample into the cup, and place it into the eReader that does the rest.

Here’s What Actually Happens To A Urine Sample Once You Submit It

Once you submit your sample, it will go through the following steps, either with a human completing them, or the digital eReader device completing them.

It doesn’t matter how it’s done, the steps and the level of testing done on the sample is identical:

  1. The two-minute pee sample has to have its temperature tested. Legally, it has to be between 90°F and 100°F to be accepted.
  2. Next, either immediately in the eReader or within a few hours if a human is doing it, it will go through validity checks. This is a dipstick test that reacts for the presence of things like nitrates and other types of adulterants. It also checks for dilution, and also basics like it’s pH and the presence of creatinine.
  3. The third step, if it passes the first two, is the urinalysis. This is almost always an immunoassay, where dipsticks are used that will react and produce a reading when it reacts to antibodies in the urine for specific types of drug.

fake pee for drug test

When Will Your Pee Sample Be Lab Tested?

So as you can see from the above, the process is pretty straightforward, and fake urine doesn’t actually have to be that complex.

You’re here because you were searching for the best synthetic urine for a lab test. But I’m telling you, your sample shouldn’t really ever be lab tested under normal circumstances. It’s expensive and add steps to the process for it to be lab tested, so never happens during initial testing.

However, if you are retested, as well as being an observed test, it will also be sent for a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) lab analysis.

How To Avoid Having Your Urine Sample Lab Tested

To avoid your sample ever reaching a lab to be fully analyzed, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that you don’t get caught smuggling the synthetic urine into the building when you submit your sample.
  2. Make sure that you submit the sample within the correct temperature range. This means using either a high-quality heatpad, or a better heating source.
  3. Ensure that the fake urine you are using is one of the best synthetic urine brands that is complex enough to pass both chemical and human scrutiny.

These Are The Minimum Characteristics Of Fake Urine Must Have In 2024 And Beyond

The truth is that synthetic urine doesn’t have to be that complex, even in 2024 and beyond, to pass a urine drug test.

It has to be submitted within the correct temperature range, it has to get through some pretty basic validity checks, and it has to pass a visual scrutiny should it be looked at by a human.

Just to talk about that last point in more detail, sometimes your sample for be scrutinized by a human. This means they will look at it, and sometimes hold it up to the light. They could shake it to see how it froths, and even very occasionally smell it to see if it smells like human urine.

Put all that together, and these are the minimum requirements for the best synthetic urine:

  • Must look, froth, and smell like human urine
  • Contain the right amount of creatinine (between 20-320 md/dl)
  • Contain the right proportions of urea and uric acid
  • Preferably contain some other common chemicals in case of expanded validity checks
  • Mustn’t contain common preservatives (like biocides)

Although that’s not a ridiculous list, incredibly, most fake urine brands out there don’t tick these minimum boxes, and in fact never did.

Because drug testing has moved on and is now more efficient, they are getting badly caught out and should NOT be trusted anymore.

Also, most of these low quality brands, the worst synthetic urine kit products, use heatpads to maintain the temperature. These are usually poor quality and can kick out a variable heat. They also really struggle in cold environments.

But don’t worry, because in a little while I’m going to reveal the best fake urine for lab test success to you, and neither of these brands rely on a heatpad at all.

Avoid All Of These Low-Quality Synthetic Urine Kits

Before I talk you through the best synthetic urine that is lab-grade in quality, let’s tell you about the brands to avoid.

The thing is, all of these will be recommended widely, and have been for many years. But don’t be fooled. A lot of the reviews are fake. Many others are out of date. Drug testing has moved on significantly in the past 10 years.

These are the most popular products that you should definitely steer clear of:

  • Magnum Fetish Urine
  • Urine Luck
  • U Pass
  • Monkey Whizz
  • Quick Fix
  • XStream Fetish Urine
  • Smart Choice Urine

Some of these are just chronically bad. They don’t contain even the basics of urea, uric acid, or creatinine, and don’t really even look like human urine.

Others are basically okay, but wouldn’t fool close human scrutiny. Also, the heatpads in all of these cheap products aren’t particularly reliable either.

You might be surprised to see Quick Fix urine and Monkey Whizz on the list, as these are often touted as good quality fake piss products. But they only contain the right proportions of creatinine, urea, and uric acid. What happens if the validity checks look for anything else?

Also, neither of them froths or smell like real urine, even though they do look like it. What happens if someone gets curious? Note also a couple of them are sold as “fetish urine”. I’ll leave how that works to your imagination.

The obvious point that a $30 box of premixed urine sold as fetish urine isn’t going to be that chemically precise. As an example of how bad some of these are, let’s explain to you about the history of Magnum synthetic urine.

Still available for as little as $15 for the 2 fluid ounces size, which should tell you in money terms how bad this is, it didn’t even contain uric acid initially.

When people pointed out that this meant it would definitely fail a lot of drug tests, they started including a separate vial of uric acid with it.

Reviews then tried to tell people that this was great because you could optionally add as much as you wanted. But why would you want to add your own variation of the amount needed? You just need the right proportion for the human body in there, which should be part of the core product.

So not only can’t you trust its composition, but you also have to guess how much uric acid you have to pour into the synthetic piss. It’s just complete madness, and you get what you pay for, which should mostly be obvious.

Best Synthetic Urine Brands To Pass High Level Of Drug Testing

Having steered you away from the crap, let’s talk you through the best synthetic urine kit you can buy, and the very close second placed product.

1. Clear Choice Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine

Quick Luck is the #1 synthetic piss product you can buy. Made by a company called Clear Choice, who also make an incredible quality detox drink called Rescue Cleanse, this is the most complex and easy-to-use urine on the market.

It has the following characteristics that set it apart:

  • Contains the right proportion of creatinine
  • Contains the right proportions of urea and uric acid
  • Contains 14 common chemicals found in real human urine
  • Looks, smells, and even froths correctly for human urine
  • Don’t rely on a heatpad
  • Is within the correct pH range for adult human urine

Put all that together, and you’ve got one hell of a product. As you can see, it doesn’t rely just on the basics. Because there are 14, chemicals from real human urine in it, even more advanced validity checks will find what they are looking for.

It passes human scrutiny, because it looks, froths, and smells like human urine. I would defy you to tell it apart from actual urine.

Most importantly though, because it’s the biggest reason why fake samples are discovered, it’s very easy to submit it within the correct temperature range because it doesn’t rely on a heatpad. Quick Luck uses something called ‘heat activator powder’. It’s undetectable once added to the sample, so don’t worry about that.

You don’t have to worry about preheating the sample at all. Simply take the sample of premixed urine along to the test center with the vial of heat activator powder.

Just before you go into the building, check the temperature strip. If there’s no reading on it (the temperature strip will show a reading at between 90°F and 100°F) and you are certain that the temperature can’t be above 100°F already, then you’ll use the heat activator powder.

Simply tap in about one quarter, and shake it gently for about 60 seconds until it’s completely dissolved.

Watch the temperature strip carefully for another 60 seconds. If there’s no reading, repeat the process with a little more powder until you get a good reading at close to 100°F.

Be patient with the waiting, because the temperature will rise over about 30 seconds. That’s why I suggest watching for one minute before adding more. But usually, within two minutes or so, you can prepare a sample within the correct temperature range. You are then able to go in and submit it within about 20 minutes before it starts to cool.

Simply tuck it into your underwear in your crotch area, so you can’t be intimately searched, and it will keep it warm, and you’ll be absolutely fine. For a more detailed review, click here.

Quick Luck can be bought directly from Clear Choice, so click here to view pricing and further details.

fake urine kit

2. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

The second best synthetic urine for lab test success is called Sub Solution, also made by Clear Choice.

In fact, it’s the predecessor to Quick Luck. Sub Solution is slightly inferior for the following reasons:

  • It’s a powder that has to be mixed with water to hydrate it
  • It’s slightly less complex
  • You don’t get a pair of heatpads in the synthetic urine kit

Now on the last point, the heatpads don’t really matter. However, if you live in a cold environment then strapping one of the very thin heat pads to the sample could elevate the temperature so that you have less need for large amounts of the heat activator powder (quicker time to prepare).

But in most circumstances the heatpads that come with Quick Luck are superfluous, so don’t worry about them.

It is slightly less complex in formula, but it still contains a dozen chemicals found in human urine. So it’s going to pass those validity checks.

The other downside is it’s not good for on-the-spot drug testing. Because you have to mix it with jug filtered water, whereas Quick Luck is premixed urine, you’ll have to do this at home and then transport the liquid. But Sub Solution is still the second best urine you can buy, and far superior to any of the budget brands.

To find out more about Sub Solution and get pricing details, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dot drug test detect fake urine?

There’s a misconception that the DOT drug test is somehow different to normal drug testing. It is the exact same five panel test that you would face under all drug testing circumstances. No drug test specifically looks for fake urine, but an unusual sample could be detected and provoke further analysis.

What Cannot be detected in a urine test?

What cannot be detected in the urine test will depend on what the urine test is looking for. This depends on the number of panels on the test. Usually, these are fixed to look for the most five common drugs (cannabis, cocaine, PCP, opiates, amphetamines). But the problem is that panels can be switched out, and you won’t know which level of panel test you are facing.

What is the most common false positive drug test?

No false positive is particularly more common than another. The sample can be contaminated through cross-reactivity (immunoassay antibodies being triggered by substance other than drugs), contaminants such as secondhand marijuana smoke, and some medications (antihistamines, antidepressants, opiate painkillers).

If you pass a home drug test, will you pass a lab test?

Yes, you should pass a lab test if you pass a home drug test. The only time you wouldn’t is if it’s a very poor-quality home drug test with higher cut-off levels than the lab test. But usually, the difference between the two is still very small compared to whether you have enough drug metabolites in your body to pass or fail.

Can synthetic pee be detected in a lab?

If your sample goes forward to a full gas chromatography – mass spectrometry analysis then it will definitely be detected as synthetic, as a full composition analysis will obviously spot things missing from the synthetic urine sample provided.

What is the pH of synthetic urine?

The pH of human urine is almost always between 4.5 and 8.0, and most usually between 6.0 and 7.0. But what’s normal? That will depend on the lab doing the testing. However, the range is quite broad, to account for the variation. Any synthetic urine falling within 4.5 and 8.0 is going to be fine. Most fake urine products of high-quality, such as Quick Luck, fall within this range.

Can you tell the difference between adult and child urine?

Yes, you can tell the difference between adult and juvenile urine. Specific gravity, pH, creatinine, electrolytes, minerals, color, and even smell, are different. A drug test and an experienced employee at the drug testing facility will spot the difference.

How does an immunoassay urine drug test work?

An immunoassay drug test reacts to antibodies in the urine for certain substances. That’s why there can be occasional false positives. However, it is still extremely reliable. It is usually done as a simple dipstick test, with each test strip impregnated with a chemical that will react to the antibodies of a specific type of drug.

Does Quick Fix urine work in drug tests?

No. Did you want to hear something different? Quick Fix is a very basic formula that will not pass modern drug testing standards. It won’t get through the validity checks, it won’t get past experienced human scrutiny, and the heating pad is poor quality and often fails.

How many times can you reheat Quick Fix urine?

You can reheat any synthetic urine as often as you want. What matters is its exposure to air. The longer it’s exposed to air, the more it will start to deteriorate. You really should only prepare the sample once and go and submit it. Under what circumstances would you want to reheat synthetic urine anyway?

What are the additives in synthetic piss?

Nobody knows the exact additives and synthetic piss, and with more than 20 different common products out there, how could you possibly find out? What we are really concerned with our biocide preservatives which can be detected during drug testing validity checks. Quick Luck and Sub Solution are the two best brands and they definitely do not rely on biocide preservatives to extend their shelf life.

What are the best brands of fake urine?

The two best brands of synthetic urine are called Quick Luck and Sub Solution. They are almost identical in composition, with the main difference between them being that Quick Luck is premixed and ready to use while sub solution is a powder that must be mixed with filtered water. Both use heat activator powder for instant temperature raising and temperature maintenance.

What is the most common drug test for probation?

People on probation in the USA face a more rigorous drug test that follows different rules to standard drug testing. It’s always a 12 panel drug test, rather than the more usual five panel test. Also, it’s something called CLIA waived, meaning that you don’t need special training to administer it or read the results. That means anyone can do it at any time, and there are no legal boundaries to doing so as long as it’s performed by a police officer or probation officer.

What happens if you miss a UA on probation in Colorado?

Missing a drug test for any reason is considered a violation of your probation terms in Colorado. This means you could face penalties such as increased supervision, sanctions (either prescribed or imposed by the Judge), extension of the probation term, enforced therapy/treatment, and even the canceling of probation and returning to prison. In fact, if your sentence was a suspended one, then you could then face jail time instead.

What happens if you fail a drug test on probation in Indiana?

The procedure if you fail a drug test while on probation in Indiana is pretty straightforward. You’ll face a probation violation hearing. A judge will determine the situation around your failure. Once they understand the circumstances, they will pass judgment. This can be a fine, probation extension, the removal of probation, statutory rehab attendance, or even community service. Because all of this is at the whim of a single person, you really do want to evade failing a drug test while on probation in the state of Indiana.