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Certo Drug Test Hack – How To Use Certo To Pass A Drug Test (And What To Do If It Won’t)

The Certo drug test hack (also known as the sure jell hack method) is one of the most popular “home remedy” drug test solutions. But does Certo work for urine drug test success now? I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to pass a drug test right now. I’ll tell you about the Certo detox in detail, and if there’s any science behind the claims it works.

I’ll give you the full Certo drug test hack instructions, and give you the verdict on whether it could work or not.

Then, I’ll also give you some different secret hack instructions for easy methods that guarantee you can pass a urine drug test, whether it’s supervised or unsupervised.

What Is The Certo Drug Test Method?

I first heard about the Certo drug test hack around 15 years ago, when I first signed up for a discussion group on some long since lost hellsite. I wanted to know how to pass a drug test. I was a heavy cannabis user, and drug testing was very much in vogue, while its legality was clearly defined in every state in the USA as illegal.

On the surface, the Certo method, also known as the Sure Jell method after another brand of fruit pectin, sounds rational in being able to get rid of cannabis metabolites.

Easy, simple, and you just need to do it the day before your test. Sounds great, but is the reality different?

How Does The Certo Detox Work?

Before I give you the Certo detox method in detail, so you can see how easy is to make up your own mind on whether it could work, let’s explain why people claim it works.

The first thing you need to understand is that the Certo/Sure Jell method only works for cannabis metabolites.

Here’s the thing about drug metabolites. Most exit through the bladder.

But cannabis metabolites mostly exit through the bowel, because of the way they are shaped. Because of their shape, they more readily cling to fat cells in the body and are moved towards the bowel rather than the bladder.

They also do this more sporadically, because they can literally cling on for days and weeks after your last joint. This is exactly why some people still fail drug tests for cannabis even if they haven’t smoked weed for several weeks.

Certo is a brand of fruit pectin. Fruit pectin is a very dense fiber. The idea is that this fiber creates bile and the fiber and bile then draw cannabis metabolites to the bowel, lowering the density in your body dramatically. Also, the Certo method flushes out your bladder and gets you to take creatine in a multivitamin which should offset the dilution of your sample, and stop it from looking diluted.

This is the summary of what I just said:

  • Fruit pectin is a fiber
  • Cannabis metabolites mostly exit through the bowel (around 60%)
  • Cannabis metabolites attach to fat cells in the body
  • Fiber and bile help to draw cannabis metabolites to the bowel
  • Method also flushes out your bladder and could replace what’s flushed out

Regardless of anything else you take away from what I’ve just said, the key takeaway you need to know right now is this:

The Certo drug test hack can only ever work for removing cannabis metabolites.

How To Use Certo To Pass A Drug Test

Before I go into more detail about whether it can work or not, let’s talk you through how to use Certo to pass a drug test by giving you the full instructions now.

  1. You’ll need to gather what’s needed before you start:
  • Certo, Sure Jell, or other fruit pectin product
  • Gatorade x2 or similar sports drinks
  • Multivitamins (should contain B vitamins)
  • Creatine supplement
  1. In the afternoon on the day before your drug test, you going to do the first half of the Certo detox. Mix up one sachet (half pack) of fruit pectin with the right amount of Gatorade and drink it down in about 10 minutes.
  2. Over the next hour, you’ll need to drink around 1 L (30 fluid ounces) of additional water.
  3. Urinate as often as possible and drink a little extra water if needed, but be very careful here because you have already consumed a lot which can cause over hydration problems. Then get a good night sleep.
  4. The next day, at least three hours before your drug test, mix up the other half of the fruit pectin with Gatorade and drink that in exactly the same way.
  5. After consuming the pectin you will drink the same 30 fluid ounces of additional water as before. But this time you will mix in a couple of teaspoons of creatine powder. While drinking that, you’ll also take to multivitamins.
  6. After consuming the additional water, urinate as often as you can over the next hour, and then go and submit your urine at the drug test center as quickly as possible.

certo to pass a drug test

Does Certo Work For Urine Test Success?

As you can see, the Certo method is actually quite simple. There’s a lot of liquid, and it doesn’t taste great, but it’s pretty easy to do.

But does it work?

As I’ve already said, it could only technically work for cannabis. It can, because it’s proven that fiber can draw more cannabis metabolites the bowel. The creatine is converted into creatinine, which will then be present in your urine, as it always should be, which will disguise the fact you flushed yourself out with a ton of water.

The multivitamin should also help to disguise the flushing out and diluting of your sample and should keep your urine stained yellow and strawlike so it looks like urine that hasn’t been diluted.

So at best, it’s a masking agent, because it’s only flushing you out for a short time; it’s not necessarily getting rid of all the cannabis metabolites. It’s pushing them out faster than can be achieved naturally, to create a gap during which you can submit a clean sample.

Let’s look at what it needs to do in summary:

  • Must get rid of enough toxins to create a gap in the flow
  • Mustn’t dilute your sample so much it’s impossible to hide
  • Must keep your urine full of things looked for in validity checks

Can it do all that? Not a chance in hell.

Does Certo work for urine drug test success – no it doesn’t, and there’s no way it ever could work.

These are the reasons why:

  1. It doesn’t flush out the toxins with any certainty, so you would have no certainty there would be a gap in the flow of metabolites into your bladder.
  2. It only works for cannabis, so if it’s another type of drug you’re trying to hide then it’s pointless.
  3. The use of creatine and a multivitamin is pretty pathetic as some sort of strategy to keep your urine balanced.
  4. You are flushing your body out with massive amounts of liquid in 24-hours. That’s impossible to conceal, and any modern validity checks will pick up the dilution and adulteration immediately.

Forget The Certo Drug Test Hack And All Home Remedies (Spoiler: None Work)

The Certo sure jell method is another useless home remedy hack.

Home remedies are a collective term for methods that are alleged to pass drug tests, but that in reality don’t.

These are other home remedies that you should avoid like the plague:

  • Baking soda and water
  • Baking soda and water and bleach (yes, some idiots recommend bleach)
  • Green tea or any other type of tea
  • Any type of vinegar
  • Any type of juice
  • Any sort of anything

I hope I’ve made that crystal clear, just avoid them all. There’s not a shred of scientific evidence that any of them can do everything needed to pass a drug test, which for the avoidance of doubt is the following:

  • Must flush out drug toxins to create a gap in the toxin flow
  • Must replace what’s lost so your urine is balanced
  • Can’t be detectable in any drug test validity checks

So How Do I Pass A Modern Drug Test?

Knowing how to pass a modern drug test will depend on the type of drug test you are facing.

There are three categories of urine drug test scrutiny you could face:

  • Unsupervised (nearly every drug test carried out as standard is unsupervised)
  • Supervised (someone will be in the room with you)
  • Observed (someone will directly be watching you urinate)

If it’s unsupervised, meaning you’ll be behind a screen or usually in a different room, then you don’t need to mess around with any method of flushing yourself out or trying to detox. The first method I describe below will work for you.

If it’s supervised/observed, then obviously you will need to submit a real sample, which makes it slightly more problematic and you’ll need to prepare. This is not a problem though if you’ve got what you need ready.

Best Solutions For Passing A Urine Drug Test

I’m now going to also talk you through the four main strategies you have for passing a urine drug test actually work.

1. Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

If it’s an unsupervised drug test then you don’t need to submit your own urine at all – why would you bother messing around trying to do that?

The easiest way to pass is to use a modern and highly complex synthetic urine. Only obtainable from specialist sellers, it’s so complex it will fool the modern validity checks every time.

Quick Luck is the product you need, it has the following properties:

  • Looks, froths, smells like human urine
  • Contains 14 common chemicals found in urine
  • Contains right amounts of creatinine, urea, uric acid
  • Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges for human urine

So not only is this going to pass the validity checks and human scrutiny, but it’s also so complex that it will pass any advanced or unusual validity checks.

In addition, it gets around the problem of submitting the sample within the correct temperature range, which is the biggest reason people fail to use fake urine. Those failures are due to the unpredictable nature of the heatpads that come with these cheap fake urine products.

But because Quick Luck is premium, it uses something unique called heat activator powder.

There’s no preparation at all with Quick Luck. It’s premixed, and you just transport it to the venue along with the small container of heat activator powder.

On arrival, out of sight, tap in about one-quarter, and shake it until it’s dissolved. It raises the temperature of the liquid slightly. Watch the temperature strip, and repeat the process with small amounts until you get a good reading. Then tuck the sample into your underwear, and go in and submit it.

Quick Luck is totally foolproof and gets around the whole issue of submitting your own sample, which makes the Certo detox and any other home remedies utterly relevant.

2. Toxin Rid Pills

If you want to get completely clean you can pass a drug test without worry, and the best way of doing it is to accelerate natural detoxification with Toxin Rid pills.

Toxin Rid can speed up the removal of toxins in the body by 60%, or even faster. That would mean that even a heavy weed smoker can be clean in around a week. But for other types of drug use, or lighter cannabis smoking, you’ll be clean in a handful of days or less, where it would usually take you a couple of weeks.

Simply take three pills per hour for the first five hours of every day of the pill course. That’s how easy it is, then live a clean and lean lifestyle while drinking plenty of water.

On the final day of the course, you’ll consume the detox liquid. Mix half up with filtered water, and drink it. Then fast for two hours, and repeat the process for another two hours with the other half of the liquid.

For cannabis detoxification, you’ll also get a high-fiber supplement to use after that. This will help to draw cannabis metabolites into the bowel. If you paid attention, you’ll realize that is exactly what the fruit pectin does in the Certo method.

Put that together, and this will get you totally clean far faster than can be achieved naturally, so you can pass a drug test easily.

certo detox alternatives

3. Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

If you haven’t got much time before your test, or you’ve got very low levels of metabolites in your body, then a detox drink on its own could work.

A detox drink works in a similar way to the Certo method, but with far more certainty because of how it’s constructed.

A detox drink works as follows:

  • Floods the body with liquid and ingredients that speed up toxin removal
  • Floods the body with things that speed up processing of toxins
  • Floods the body with substances found in urine
  • Floods the body with things that will stain your urine

So what happens is it flushes out the toxins going through your kidneys and bladder at a faster rate than can be achieved naturally. It takes a few hours for the body to catch up, so in that time fresh urine in the bladder will be toxin-free.

It will also ensure that you pass the validity checks because the body is flooded with things found in urine as well.

However, on its own, a detox drink might not be potent enough if you have heavy levels of drug metabolites because it won’t create a long enough gap in the flow of toxins during which you can submit a clean sample.

Rescue Cleanse is the best detox drink on the market though, and gives you the most potent chance of doing exactly what I have explained.

4. Combo Detox & Masking Method (Short Notice Drug Test Strategy)

If you’re facing a supervised test and you don’t have much time to get the toxins out of your body, then this combo strategy works best.  You’ll spend as many days as possible using Toxin Rid pills. Even a single 24-hour course will push out far more toxins and you can achieve naturally.

Then, use Rescue Cleanse detox drink as I’ve explained above.

That combo means you’ll have fewer toxins passing out of the body, giving Rescue Cleanse a better chance of creating a long enough gap in the toxin flow you to submit a clean sample in.

Where To Buy The Products You Need

As you now know, the Certo drug test hack doesn’t work at all. It’s not worth even considering.

But here’s where you can buy the high-quality products I’ve now told you will work, and are a great strategy for passing a modern drug test:

  • Rescue Cleanse detox drink is available from Clear Choice. Click here for details and pricing.
  • Toxin Rid pills are available from Test Clear. Click here for details and pricing.
  • Quick Luck synthetic urine is available from Clear Choice. Click here for details and pricing.