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How To Pass An Oral Drug Test: Detox Gum & Alternatives + Oral Clear Gum Review

Drug testing can be a real problem for several key reasons. So not only am I going to do an Oral Clear gum review, but I’m also going to talk to you about the dangers of oral drug testing generally, and how you can get around them.

I’ll go through how to use Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum in detail, and compare it to Oral Clear gum alternatives. It’s not cheap, but does anything match it?

Plus, I’ll talk about mouthwash products, preparation, and then how to use the detox gum to pass a saliva drug test.

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How Dangerous Is An Oral Drug Test?

Drug metabolites can’t be detected in saliva for very long, in most cases 48 hours or less. For light users, it can be as low as 24 hours. That’s not a lot of time for them to catch you in, which is why urine drug testing is preferred.

The danger of the oral drug test is its immediacy. By the roadside, on the spot at work, during an interview, at a recruitment day. Anyone basically trained can administer a test in a few minutes on the spot, and you won’t be out of sight during that time to prepare at all.

Overall then, you need something that can be used literally with somebody in front of you, which is almost impossible in most circumstances. But that’s why Oral Clear gum is so popular, because it is possible to use it with someone in the room with you.

Choices To Pass An Oral Drug Test

When you are facing a potential oral drug test, you have the following three choices:

Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum Review

  1. If you have time, you can try and pass naturally. You’ll only need a day or two unless you’re a really chronic cannabis smoker, a slow-release benzo user, or you’ve really hammered it in the past week or so.
  2. You can accelerate things by cleaning your teeth regularly, chewing gum, and drinking plenty of water to get the saliva moving through your mouth you could use a specialist saliva-neutralizing mouthwash product. These are very cheap, and I’ll talk you through them in more detail in a moment. But they do have one big downside, and it’s that you can’t use them unless you are out of sight for two or three minutes.
  3. Clear Choice Oral Clear saliva-neutralizing gum is the ultimate solution. It’s expensive, but it’s highly efficient and can be used discreetly even with people in sight of you.

      Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum Review

      What is it about Oral Clear gum that makes it so good, and makes it the number one recommended way of passing an oral drug test?

      There are a few things that can be mentioned, and I will go through each one. But first I just want to tell you one key fact: it’s not gum at all.

      I have no idea why Clear Choice, the company that makes it, called it gum, because it’s not chewable at all.

      Oral Clear is a capsule like a paracetamol capsule, except slightly larger. It’s filled with a highly concentrated mouthwash. Perhaps they didn’t want to call it mouthwash in case people got confused because of the quantity you are receiving.

      But the key point is that this is incredibly strong and concentrated mouthwash. This single capsule can completely neutralize the saliva in your mouth and it can do it for up to 15 minutes.

      Here are the reasons why people recommend Oral Clear:

      • It’s a highly discrete capsule that can be smuggled in anywhere.
      • As long as you are careful, you can use Oral Clear with someone in the room with you.
      • It’s the most concentrated and potent mouthwash-neutralizing solution on the market.

      You’re paying for that combination of potency in a small package alongside the fact that you can literally use it almost anywhere, as I’ll explain in a moment.

      oral clear saliva neutralizing gum

      Is There An Oral Clear Gum Alternative?

      There are a couple of alternatives to Oral Clear that really do work to pass a drug test, and they are cheaper.

      These alternatives are:

      • Toxin Rid Rescue Wash
      • Ultra Klean Ultra Wash

      Both are around $30, and contain 1 fluid ounce of very potent and specialized mouthwash that is designed to eradicate drug metabolites from the mouth for a short period of time.

      But before you get excited, the problem is that you have to be out of sight to use them. You can’t swallow this mouthwash easily, and you have still got a small bottle to dispose of. There are some situations where this will be fine, but for short notice drug testing, all where someone is in the room with you, or it’s by the roadside, then they are certainly not suitable.

      If you think that you could face an on-the-spot drug test, or one where you would potentially not be easily out of sight of other people for at least two minutes, then Oral Clear is the only option.

      For example, let’s say that you smoked a joint last night and tested positive for cannabis use. You’re stopped by the police and you think they could administer an on the spot drug test, which is certainly the case in some countries and American states.

      With one of these cheap mouthwash products, you would have to unscrew the bottle, then pour the liquid and into your mouth, swill it around, and then spit it out. You then have to also dispose of the bottle.

      None of that is going to be easy in a situation where you stop in your car, and a police officer is walking directly toward you in line of sight. Now compare that to the instructions I’m going to give you to easily use Oral Clear in any drug test situation.

      How To Use Oral Clear Detox Gum For Saliva Drug Test Success

      So let’s say you’re facing a situation where somebody is going to administer an oral drug test on you in the next two minutes.

      They are in the room with you, or walking towards your car. Or you are in a waiting room full of other people during an employment day waiting to take your turn to have it done.

      Here are the steps you need to take:

      1. Cup the small capsule in the palm of your hand. Then, discreetly place your hand your mouth and pop in. You could cough to disguise this motion, and put your hand over your mouth.
      • With your lips shut, split the capsule by gently crushing it in your teeth. Don’t let the liquid spill out. You can do this really discreetly without moving your mouth.
      • Just as discreetly, slowly swish the liquid around your mouth. Use your tongue to slowly work the liquid into the gumline, and around your cheeks.
      • Keep moving the liquid around and working it in as much as you can, for up to 2 minutes if possible. Then, swallow everything.

      The above four steps will keep your saliva neutralized for up to 15 minutes. As you can see, it’s hugely discreet and easy to do.

      You could try it right now. Pretend you have a capsule in your hand, and following everything I’ve just done. Watch yourself in the mirror as you do it, and you’ll see it’s perfectly possible to do it discreetly and in a way that nobody could ever tell if you are neutralizing your saliva.

      Plus, Oral Clear is completely undetectable. The liquid isn’t found on any drug test, so they would never know what you have done to get around the drug test.

      Where To Buy Oral Clear At The Best Price

      The conclusion of my Oral Clear gum review is that it is definitely the best detox gum for a saliva drug test.

      I can say this with confidence because I passed on Amazon drug test about five years ago. It was a recruitment day, and I researched in advance and knew that as part of the process there would be a mouth swab test, and I would be waiting with others so would be visible.

      Sitting in the queue waiting to go in when I knew I was going to be next, so I wouldn’t have to wait long, I simply completed the process of fully neutralizing my saliva using Oral Clear.

      I passed easily and got the job. Okay, it was an awful Amazon warehouse job which I quit in six months, but it proves the point.

      Oral Clear is made by Clear Choice, and can be only bought direct from them as it’s such a specialist product.

      Oral Clear isn’t cheap. It costs $99 for a single capsule. But now I’ve explained the potency of it, and how you can pass even with someone in the room with you, making it suitable for any drug testing situation, you can see why it’s worth the money.