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Quick Fix Vs Magnum Synthetiv Urine: Comparison Of The Popular Fake Urine Brands

Quick Fix is an affordable and popular synthetic urine. Magnum is another popular suggestion. But are either of these the best fake urine available, and can they pass a modern drug test?

I’m going to cover everything you need to know right now in this fast guide. I’ll do reviews of both of these brands of fake urine, and compare them to the main competitors out there.

I’ll also tell you exactly what happens to your sample during a drug test, so you can understand the steps fake urine has to get through in order to pass.

At the end of this you’ll know exactly which fake urine products stand a chance of passing a modern drug test, and those which are to be avoided.

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Characteristics

Quick Fix synthetic urine has been around for nearly 20 years now. It’s current formulation is 6.3, although you’ll still see 6.2 for sale.

Confusingly, you’ll also see a product called Quick Fix Plus. Don’t get confused, it’s exactly the same fake urine. The ‘plus’ just refers to the fact it’s a 3 fluid ounce vial of urine, rather than a 2 fluid ounce vial, and you’ll pay $10 extra because of that.

These are the characteristics Quick Fix Urine has:

  • Looks like urine
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains creatinine
  • Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Comes with a heatpad for temperature maintenance

In the Quick Fix synthetic urine kit you’ll get a vial of premixed urine, the heatpad, an elastic band to strap the heatpad to the urine vial, and a set of instructions. Not hugely impressive, but enough to potentially do the job.

Magnum Synthetic Urine Characteristics

Good luck finding out literally anything about Magnum novelty synthetic urine. There’s really very little information out there that’s confirmed.

It’s available in a 2 fluid ounce and a 3 fluid ounce size. There is a slight difference in price, but not that much usually.

I can’t really even tell you the characteristics of this stuff, because every single source tells you something different and trying to find the genuine Magnum official website is pretty much impossible.

But this is poor quality synthetic urine. For around $30, you’re not going to get much for your money. I’ve seen enough people online saying they failed using it for me to be suspicious about how good it could possibly be.


Here’s What Happens At A Drug Test

Before we go any further, let’s tell you exactly what happens at a drug test.

Once you understand each step that your sample will go through, it will be slightly easier to understand what the best fake urine could be for the task.

Step one:

When you go in, you’ll do some paperwork and have some checks done. How rigorous and intrusive these are will depend on the test, but usually they are just cursory. In fact, in some big city locations with automated eCup / xCup testing machines you may not even really interact with a human other than a receptionist.

Step two:

You’ll urinate into a cup. It will have a temperature strip on the side. You’ll be behind a screen or in a different room when you submit your sample, so synthetic urine is fine to use it in 99% of the situations. You’ll hand that sample over, or put it into the eReader machine, and the temperature will be taken immediately (legally, it has to be taken within two minutes of you urinating).

Step three:

As long as the temperature is within the correct range, then the sample will go through basic validity checks, either with a human dipstick testing them, or a machine doing it. It will look for basics like the presence of nitrates and other common adulterants, and the basic characteristics of urine that minimize the chances of it being a fake sample.

Step four:

The final step is the urinalysis. This can be a dipstick test, or a digital analysis mimicking dipsticks. Reactions will tell you if drugs are present or not.

How Complex This Fake Urine Have To Be?

As you can see, my description of drug testing, the best fake urine doesn’t actually have to be that complex at all.

But it does have to have the following minimum characteristics:

  • Must at least look like urine
  • Should be within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Must contain the right amount of creatinine
  • Must contain the right amounts of urea and uric acid
  • Must be within the correct temperature range (between 90°F and 100°F)

As you can see, that’s not actually that much to ask for. But the problem is that most synthetic urine you can buy doesn’t even reach those minimums, and also, you probably need better than the minimums nowadays.

You could pass, but I’d recommend that you would want additional common chemicals to be present in it, just in case the validity checks are more thorough.

You’ll also want it to froth and smell like human urine as well, just in case a curious human gets involved.

And, it mustn’t contain biocide preservatives, which is something that drug testing validity checks look for. They are common to many of the cheaper synthetic urine brands because they extend the shelf life massively.

Can Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Pass A Drug Test?

Having given you the background, let’s talk about Magnum detox synthetic urine, and whether it’s the best fake urine, or even adequate urine, to pass a modern drug test.

Look, Magnum is actually advertised mostly as fetish urine, and although some of this may be a cover story for legality purposes in the USA, it does betray the reality of the quality of the product.

Magnum isn’t complex. Also, good luck finding out what exactly is in Magnum synthetic urine, because the company who make it don’t tell you.

I’m going to bet it’s not all the basics you need to pass a modern drug test. Some people claim that they have passed a drug test in Magnum user reviews, but in recent years, I find those claims highly suspect with modern drug testing standards.

Overall, along with the poor heating pad, I find it very unlikely that you would pass a drug test, and you certainly shouldn’t be relying on cheap rubbish like Magnum to even try.

Can Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine Pass A Drug Test?

For many years, Quick Fix was a good brand of fake urine. But that was when drug testing was actually more basic, and as you now know, things have moved on.

Quick Fix does contain the basics I’ve outlined above. It also looks like urine, although I did see a claim once by a lab technician that they can spot it by holding up to the light because it looks slightly green.

But it doesn’t froth or smell like urine. So if that lab tech, or even just a person handling the sample at any point of the process is suspicious, then you are screwed.

Quick Fix also has a very poor quality heating pad. But just like Magnum, how much quality can you expect for around $30?

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Vs Magnum: Do They Work?

The conclusion I have to come to in this synthetic urine review is that neither Quick Fix or Magnum are good enough to pass a modern drug test.

They are both cheap and nasty. Very basic formulas, with key things missing or dubiously implemented.

They also both rely on heatpads to maintain the temperature. Heatpads can work, but they can also often kick out a variable heat which doesn’t keep the sample within that narrow temperature range of between 90°F and 100°F, leaving you high and dry on arrival.

There are far better options out there nowadays. Specialist products with a different heating maintenance method, and far better chances of passing. So let’s continue now by telling you what the best fake urine actually is, with two detailed Clear Choice urine reviews.

Best Alternative: Clear Choice Urine

Both of the best synthetic urine products you can buy in 2024 and beyond are made by Clear Choice, a company with real drug testing pedigree.

Clear Choice products are only available from themselves, or other highly specialist online retailers. You won’t find their products in smoke shops or other poor quality outlets.

They also make Rescue Cleanse, the best detox drink, and Oral Clear gum, the only guaranteed way to pass any level of oral drug testing scrutiny.

There’s a couple of differences between the two products of fake urine they sell though, so let’s cover those now in Clear Choice urine reviews.

1. Clear Choice Quick Luck

Clear Choice Quick Luck is the best product you can use to pass a drug test, with no competitors getting even close, other than the second best Clear Choice product.

Quick Luck has the following key characteristics that make it the best fake urine:

  • Perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Contains right proportion of creatinine
  • Contains a total of 14 chemicals found in human urine
  • Looks, froths, and smells exactly like human urine
  • Doesn’t contain biocide preservatives
  • Doesn’t rely on a heatpad for temperature maintenance

Let’s run you through the key points of those highlights I’ve just mentioned above now, so that you can see exactly why it’s the best synthetic urine.

  1. Containing 14, chemicals found in urine, including the basics that are always looked for, it will pass validity checks even if they are more advanced.
  • Human scrutiny is covered because you simply cannot tell it apart from the real thing. Put them together, and I would defy you to tell the difference.
  • Crucially, it doesn’t rely on a heatpad for temperature maintenance. Instead, Quick Luck uses heat activator powder, so let’s talk you through that right now.

The heat activator powder is, for me, pure genius. It’s a small bottle of white powder, but it’s so much more than that.

You simply tap in about one quarter of the powder just before you go into the building to submit your sample, if the temperature is too cool.

You shake it gently until it’s dissolved, and then carefully watch the temperature strip for one minute. The heat activator powder slightly raises the temperature of the liquid, and is completely undetectable in a drug test.

Repeat the process until you get a reading on the temperature strip as close to 100°F as possible, but not above that level.

Overall, Clear Choice Quick Luck is the best fake urine you can use. It’s not cheap, costing $100, but it’s going to fool all but the most advanced and intrusive scrutiny. For a detailed Quick Luck review, visit


2. Clear Choice Sub Solution

Sub Solution synthetic urine is the second best choice to pass a drug test, being the predecessor to Quick Luck.

It has very similar characteristics, but one crucial difference. It’s a powder that has to be hydrated with filtered water, whereas Quick Luck comes premixed.

So Quick Luck is easier to use, and faster to prepare a sample within the correct temperature range.

But generally, Sub Solution is almost identical in formula, and when hydrated, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

Clear Choice Urine Reviews, Conclusion & Where To Buy

Quick Luck is slightly more expensive by $15, and that’s because you get the hydrated urine, and you get a pair of thin heatpads.

Now, you don’t really need to heatpads, but if you’re somewhere cold, then the heatpad can raise the temperature so that the heat activator powder has less to do on arrival. It’s a nice optional extra to have.

Both Quick Luck and Sub Solution are available direct from Clear Choice:

Forget Magnum, Quick Fix, U Pass, Urine Luck, Monkey Whizz, and all the other cheap and nasty fake urine products, they will not pass a modern drug test.