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Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review: How Good Is This? Full Guide On Passing A Drug Test Using Quick Luck

Learn how good Clear Choice Quick Luck is in this full review. Composition, likelihood of passing a drug test, and how to use it.

This Quick Luck synthetic urine review that is going to cover everything you need to know to pass a drug test.I’ll also compare it to other brands out there, give you full instructions, and some top tips to help you increase your chance of passing.

Let’s tell you where to buy Quick Luck urine right at the start of this review, so you can check it out before we begin:

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Can Fake Urine Still Pass A Drug Test?

Most fake urine isn’t good enough to pass a modern drug test. That’s a simple fact.

But sure, if it’s submitted within the correct temperature range, and passes the validity checks, then good quality urine still can.

In some big cities you’ve now got digital eCup testing as well, which although it’s complex, doesn’t even involve a human looking at it during submission.

But it has to be complex enough to stand up to chemical scrutiny, so how good is Quick Luck?

Quick Luck composition

This is why Quick Luck stands the best chance of passing a modern drug test:

  • Looks, froths, and even smells like human urine
  • Contains the right amounts of creatinine, urea and uric acid
  • Contains 14 common chemicals found in urine
  • Premixed for rapid use
  • Within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad

This is going to pass validity checks. It contains all the common chemicals they would ever look for, and then some.

Plus, it’s going to pass the scrutiny of a curious or suspicious human. Seriously, I would defy you to tell the difference between Quick Luck and real human urine.

Most importantly, it doesn’t rely on a heatpad like the cheap brands do. It uses something called heat activator powder instead, which is the real game changer. I’ll tell you exactly how to use it in a moment.

The problem with heatpads is that they kick out a variable heat. Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold, and sometimes they fail completely.

To be a valid sample, it has to be submitted at between 90°F and 100°F. That’s a very narrow temperature range, and if you use a heatpad, you have to keep within that temperature range while you travel with it, and then submit it.

You don’t have to worry about any of that with heat activator powder, as I’ll explain in a moment.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Vs Sub Solution?

Sub Solution and Quick Luck are both made by Clear Choice, and both are claimed to be the best fake urine you can buy, so what’s the truth?

Sub Solution is the original product from Clear Choice. It’s highly complex and incredibly similar to Quick Luck.

The only real differences are that Quick Luck is premixed, whereas Sub Solution is a powder you have to hydrate with water, and Quick Luck comes with both heat activator powder and a pair of thin heatpads.

Quick Luck may also be a little more complex in the formula, but I’ve not seen details on that. Both contain around 14 chemicals found in urine and look, froth, and smell exactly the same.

But for ultimate convenience, and for short notice drug testing, then Quick Luck is the best choice because it’s premixed.

Quick Luck Vs Quick Fix 6.3

Another popular brand of fake urine you’ll see is called Quick Fix, with the latest formula being 6.3.

But here’s the thing about Quick Fix. The formula number means nothing. If you look at 6.2, it can only be identical.

Quick Fix only contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It looks like urine, but it doesn’t really look or smell like it. So how can they have changed the formula when it’s so basic anyway?

Quick Fix also uses a heatpad, and it’s not a very good one either. But what do you expect for $40?

Everything about Quick Luck is better. Better formula, better physical characteristics, and the unique heat activator powder to get it within the correct temperature range just prior to submission.

Avoid These Low Quality Synthetic Urine Brands

Quick Fix is a very popular brand, and there are others that will be recommended to you, but I urge you to avoid all of them:

  • Quick Fix
  • Monkey Whizz
  • Magnum
  • Urine Luck
  • U Pass
  • Ultra Pure
  • Synthetix5 S5

They are all cheap and nasty, all basically the same. Some of them don’t even contain the basics of creatinine, urea, uric acid.

Some of them are designed for fetish use, and most of them have poor quality heatpads that can barely keep it within the correct temperature range for an hour, if at all.

They are the only ones you find locally in smoke shops and places like that. They will be marked up hugely in price to maximize profit.

None of them work. None of them will pass a modern drug test.

Specialist products are high-priced, and come from specialist retailers. Retailers don’t bother buying them, because even if they were available at wholesale, the markup would make them unaffordable, which is why you have to know where to get them.

How To Use Quick Luck To Pass A Drug Test

Now I’ve explained exactly why Quick Luck is the best synthetic urine on the market right now, and the fact you can’t do the Quick Luck near me search because it’s not available locally, let’s tell you how to use Clear Choice Quick Luck.

1. Because Quick Luck is premixed, there’s no preparation of the sample needed. You just need to disguise you’ve got it on you, by tucking it into your underwear and wearing baggy jogging bottoms to disguise that. Doing this also keeps it closer to the body so it’s kept nearer to the temperature it should be at.

2. There’s also no need to prepare the sample temperature. Other brands need a microwave and a heatpad to get it warm and keep it warm. But because we’re going to use heat activator powder, none of that is necessary. That’s why Quick Luck is so brilliant for short-notice drug testing, you could literally prepare a sample in your locker, in your cab, anywhere out of sight, in two minutes.

3. On arrival at the venue you are going to submit your sample at, before you go in, out of sight you’re going to use the heat activator powder. Tap in about one-quarter and shake it gently until it’s dissolved. Carefully watch the temperature strip.

4. If you don’t get a reading or only a weak reading, add a little more, and repeat the process. You want to get the temperature as close to 100°F as possible, but without going above that.

5. The final step is to dispose of the heat activator powder, and then tuck the sample back into your underwear. As long as it’s secure and against your skin, then the temperature will be maintained for about 15 minutes or so, which is plenty of time you to go in and submit your sample.

Tips For Passing A Drug Test Using Clear Choice Urine

Quick Luck is undoubtedly the best way to pass a drug test; you simply stand the best chance with it.

You can enhance your chances with the following quick tips:

1. Always ensure it’s an unsupervised test. The vast majority of drug tests are. That means nobody will be watching you when you urinate.

If it’s a retest though, it will be supervised, and you can’t use fake urine. In that circumstance, use Rescue Cleanse, a really good quality detox drink that’s also from Clear Choice, to mask the toxins for a few hours.

2. Make sure you disguise the fact you’ve got the sample on you by wearing baggy jogging bottoms. Wear two pairs of underwear as well, both to keep the sample secure, and keep it tightly close to your skin, to regulate the temperature and get it close to body heat levels.

3. Make sure you prepare the sample out of sight just before you go in. Get it as close to 100°F you can without going above that. You’ll then get at least 15 minutes to submit the sample in, confident in the fact it’s within the correct temperature range.

Where To Buy Quick Luck Urine

I hope you can see from this Quick Luck synthetic urine review, that it’s the best fake urine on the market today.

Don’t believe the Quick Luck failed stories. Those people submitted it outside the correct temperature range, or there was such suspicion on their behavior that they somehow triggered a more advanced analysis than the standard validity checks done.

Quick Luck can be bought direct from Clear Choice. It’s not cheap, costing $110.

It’s the best on the market though, and you won’t get close to that guarantee of passing with anything else.

Sub Solution is slightly cheaper at $95. However, for $15, do you really want to mess around hydrating the sample with filtered jug water (filtered not mineral water), for the sake of saving a few dollars?

Click here to view Quick Luck pricing and details now.