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South Lake

South lake used to be a key location for the now-defunct Medifast company services. That’s a great shame, and we are resurrecting quality information on the same topics here to help bridge the gap independently.

Will be providing high quality information that can really help you on the following topics:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Bodybuilding guides
  • Achieving peak health
  • Cognitive boosting
  • Drug testing guides
  • How to pass a drug test
  • Detoxification
  • Nutritional excellence
  • Weight loss strategies and supplements
  • Bodybuilding supplements

Issues in the USA nowadays is increasing liberalization and legalization of cannabis at state level, while it’s still illegal at federal level.

This creates a disconnect that is made worse by employers in states where cannabis is completely legal still penalizing people in employment. It’s really not fair that people are penalized for recreational cannabis use that doesn’t affect their work performance at all.

So we’re going to cover drug testing in detail. There will be articles, guides, product reviews, all to help you navigate your way through the complexity, detoxify your body when needed, and also learn if it’s possible to pass a drug test even if you have drug metabolites in your body.

We will also cover supplementation and bodybuilding in detail. This on top of general health and nutrition guides to back that up.

We will talk about SARMs and supplements that can help you grow muscle, cut more fat, and increase your energy levels, whether you are male or female.

This leads on to weight loss. A key component of the historical purpose of this website, we are carrying that on by helping you to understand good diet nutrition, exercise, and fat burning supplements that can help you to lose more weight as fast as possible, but in a healthy manner.

Throughout, our experts will recommend third-party services and products can really help you to reach your goals faster.