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Why Most Toxin Rid Reviews Are Wrong – The Truth About Using Toxin Rid Detox Pills To Pass A Drug Test

You may have read some Toxin Rid reviews stating that it doesn’t work well. I’m telling you with 100% certainty that those reviews are wrong.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Toxin Rid in 2024 and beyond. How it works, and why it works to pass a drug test. I’ll tell you about the Toxin Rid ingredients, and explain exactly how the pills, the detoxification liquid, and the fiber supplement you get with each coursework.

If you’re wondering how to use Toxin Rid, then don’t worry because I’ve got you covered there as well. I’ll give you the exact Toxin Rid instructions and also cover a combo method that is your best way of passing.

As well as all that, in this complete Toxin Rid guide, I’ll tell you about Toxin Rid coupon codes, and exactly where to buy Toxin Rid so you don’t get ripped off.

Does Toxin Rid Still Work?

Toxin Rid user reviews you may have read are sometimes mixed. They will slate the product and say it didn’t work. I’ll explain why this is in more detail in a moment. The truth is that yes, Toxin Rid still works. It is the most potent detox pill you can buy. You’ll remove toxins from your body at up to 70% faster than you could achieve naturally.

Even a heavy cannabis smoker, who would usually take three or four weeks to get clean due to the sporadic nature of the way cannabis metabolites exit the body, could be clean in a week or less.

For most moderate users or smokers, you’ll at least half the time it would take to clean, usually less than a week, which means you can realistically get genuinely clean to pass that important drug test.

So Why Are Some Toxin Rid Reviews Negative?

The reason why some Toxin Rid reviews are so negative is just down to ignorance.

They buy the pills under the misconception that they just have to take them and after a few days, all of the drug metabolites will magically drop out of the body forever with no effort.

They don’t understand that there are key considerations:

  • You have to choose the right course length for your needs
  • You must stop taking drugs and other things that slow you down
  • You must undertake natural detoxification processes alongside the pills
  • It’s important you follow through with the detox liquid (and fiber supplement for cannabis)
  • Monitoring your progress is essential
  • Having an insurance policy on the day of your test is important

But if you are sensible, then as I’ve said, you can speed up the removal of 100% of the drug metabolites in your body significantly quicker than you could achieve naturally, bringing the prospect of passing a drug test properly within a handful of days into the realms of possibility.

Toxin Rid Ingredients & How It Works

Toxin Rid pills contain the following ingredients:

  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Boron
  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Calcium
  • Alfalfa leaf extract
  • Iron
  • Kelp

I won’t bore you with details on each of those ingredients, but I will just tell you exactly what they do together. Several of those ingredients help to maintain the balance of bodily fluids and speed up metabolic function.

Others help to draw more metabolites through the body faster, as well as helping the processes that eradicate toxins from the body to be sped up.

In simple terms, taking those pills every day will help to speed up your body functions in the right areas to remove metabolites in toxins from your body through the kidneys into the bladder at a bar faster rate than can be achieved naturally.

Toxin rid detox pills dietary fiber

Why I Know Toxin Rid Detox Works

Just to give you some personal insight here, I know Toxin Rid works because I have a friend who used it recently.

I used it five years ago, but I don’t have any current experience with it, I don’t need to because it worked for me then, and it worked for her recently.

A daily weed smoker, she was facing a statutory observed drug test as part of a probation agreement over some minor drug dealing problems. She’s not proud of it, but weed helps calm her, and there was no way in hell I was going to let her suffer for that.

A week of Toxin Rid, and the insurance policy combo strategy I’ll talk you through in a moment, saw her pass an observed urine drug test with ease. So it definitely works even now.

How To Pass A Drug Test Using Toxin Rid Drug Detox Pills

Let’s talk you through the full instructions you need to pass a drug test using Toxin Rid.

  1. The first, and most important thing, you need to do is to abstain from taking drugs until after your drug test. Stop taking them as soon as you can. Also try and stop drinking alcohol, taking any unnecessary medications, or eating or drinking anything heavy that will slow your system down.
  2. From as early as you can before your test, start living the principles of natural detoxification:
  • Drink plenty of water each day
  • Urinate frequently
  • Eat fibrous foods
  • Eat leaning clean
  • Eat small and frequent
  • Cut out the rubbish
  • Walk and exercise lots every day
  • Try and sweat every day
  • Get plenty of sleep
  1. Some drug metabolites (around 5%) actually exit the body through sweating. So building up a little sweat each day is a great way of accelerating the removal of toxins from the body.
  2. Now it’s time to start the pills. For the course length you have chosen, you’ll want to try and fit the entire course length in before the day of your drug test, preferably giving yourself a day or 2 to spare before that date. On the first morning, from the first hour you wake up, you’ll take three pills per hour for the first five hours. That’s a total of 15 pills per day.
  3. For the rest of each day of the pill course live the principles of natural detox.
  4. On the last day of consuming the pills, two hours after you take the last set of three, it’s time to drink the detox liquid. This is a potent detoxification liquid that will help to speed up the removal of toxins the pills are pushing out of the body even faster.
  5. Mix up half detox liquid with water (preferably filtered water, but you could also apparently use orange juice but I wouldn’t because of the sugar hit) and drink it down on an empty stomach. Then do not eat or drink anything for two hours.
  6. Two hours later, repeat step six with the other half of the detox liquid and wait another two hours. Then drink and eat normally within the principles of a natural detox diet.
  7. If you’re trying to get rid of cannabis metabolites, then the day after the detoxification liquid, you will mix up the dietary fiber supplement. Mix this with the right amount of water, and drink it down swiftly. Sip additional water ongoing, and don’t let it congeal before drinking it.

Toxin Rid detox

This Combo Strategy Is Your Guarantee Of Passing

As you can see, it’s pretty simple to take Toxin Rid pills and complete the full course requirements.

If you choose the right course length for your needs you will definitely be clean to pass a test. I’ll explain about choosing the right course length in a moment. But I would always advise a combo strategy to give you the best chance of passing because it is difficult to judge how many toxins are in your body and how fast they are being removed.

This combo strategy involves using home drug test kits, which are very cheap to buy, and a bottle of a potent detox drink called Rescue Cleanse.

The idea is that this helps you to monitor when you are clean, or if you are not. The Rescue Cleanse then gives you an extra option to ensure you are clean.

You haven’t wasted your time with the detox pills if you still test positive, because you have to remember that you will have pushed a ton of toxins out of your body. That will leave far less for the Rescue Cleanse to mask, meaning it will do so with 100% certainty and give you several good hours of cleaning during which you can confidently submit your sample.

I would advise buying three home drug test kits and doing one on the last day of the pill course. Do the second on the day of your test, two hours before you leave. If you still test positive on the day of your test, drink the bottle of Rescue Cleanse as instructed on the bottle. This means drinking down in 15 minutes and then urinating several times over the next hour.

Then, use the final drug test to confirm you are negative, and then go and submit your sample quickly. Because you have cleaned out so many toxins, you should get at least four or five hours clean even as a daily weed smoker.

Which Toxin Rid Course Length Should You Choose?

Because everyone is an individual, it’s tough to determine how long the course you choose should be.

These are the variables you would have to consider:

  • Weight
  • General Health
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Mental health
  • Diet
  • Exercise levels
  • Frequency, type, and dosing of drugs you take
  • Other substances you take

Basically, using all the information above in relation to yourself, you need to assess yourself honestly by putting yourself into one of three brackets.

By doing this, it will help you to determine the rough course length you’ll need to use to stand a chance of getting clean in the time you have.

These are the three brackets I would broadly advise you to work within:

  1. For lower levels of metabolites in the body the 2 – 4 day courses will work.
  2. For up to medium levels of metabolites in the body then the 4 – 7 day courses will work.
  3. For high levels of metabolites the body I would always recommend 7 – 10 day courses.

The Toxin Rid 1 Day detox course is only suitable for pushing out very light levels of toxins and is best used alongside Rescue Cleanse.

Toxin Rid instructions

Is There Are Working Toxin Rid Coupon Codes?

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a working Toxin Rid coupon code, in fact, I’ve never seen one. They don’t even have a mailing list that you can join on the Test Clear website. So there doesn’t seem to be an opportunity to be sent one on joining for them to send you one at all.

If you need this stuff, just buy it. You’ll be getting the best pills on the market and messing around looking for small discounts could mean you don’t get your course in time.

Where To Buy Toxin Rid

I hope you can now see that Toxin Rid reviews that don’t go into the detail needed are simply useless and not objective.

Let me be clear, the Toxin Rid ingredients in the kit are the best on the market. The three-step process of pills, liquid, and fiber supplements for cannabis smokers (the most difficult metabolites to remove from the body) is superb.

Literally the only place you should be buying Toxin Rid THC detox pills is directly from Test Clear.

That way, you’ll know they are genuine. There are definitely fake products out there which means you should never be looking at buying anything called Toxin Rid from any other site. The single-day course, suitable for partial detoxification alongside using Rescue Cleanse on the day, is just $59.95.

At the other end of the scale, the full 10 day course (the only one I’d recommend for you daily weed smokers) costs $189.95.