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Walmart Drug Test Policy Guide: Does Walmart Drug Test New Hires In 2024?

Does Walmart drug test new hires in 2024, and what’s the Walmart drug test policy generally? I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know right now.

It can be confusing, because you’ll read a lot of different information online, and a lot of it is actually out of date. The Walmart drug test policy, and what they actually do in reality, has changed dramatically during and after the pandemic.

But I’ve talked to people and researched, and I’m going to tell you what they do for new hires, on-the-job testing, and advanced roles.

If you’re facing an employment drug test, then these are the products you need to check out:

  • Quick Luck Synthetic Urine
  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink
  • Toxin Rid Detox Pills

The Walmart Drug Test Policy Explained

Their drug test policy is pretty standard, and in line with most companies in the USA today.

They simply state that they reserve the right to drug test during any stage of your employment.

Typically, this includes:

  • Pre-employment
  • With suspicion
  • Periodic
  • Random
  • Role change
  • After an accident

Let me just explain a couple of things to you. People talk about suspicion, but legally you can’t just accuse someone of taking drugs, because it could be discriminatory.

Also, you can’t just test someone and then use as your defense that you suspect they are taking drugs. There has to be something concrete driving the process. Usually, this will be after an accident, or something else legal.

You will read about vindictive managers continually drug testing poor employees, or those they don’t like, to try and get rid of them. Be aware, you have legal rights and if you’re in that situation, you can fight back.

Does Walmart Drug Test For Employment?

If you’re going for a job at Walmart, then you’re obviously wondering does Walmart drug test new hires in 2024, and 2025 if you’re reading later than that.

Obviously we can’t predict the future, but I don’t think the policy will change much now.

The truth is that Walmart doesn’t really drug test for pre-employment any more. This was starting to happen before the pandemic, due to the legalization of marijuana especially, but during and after the pandemic drug testing slipped even further.

Because we are talking about low grade, low paid jobs, and with the cost of drug testing going up, a lot of companies seem to have decided it’s just not worth the cost of the drug tests, follow-ups, and management time, when they are paying you peanuts. It’s a sad truth.

The only time you will be drug tested for pre-employment by Walmart is if you are going to be in a role that involves something more specialist, like sporting goods where guns and ammo could be part of the equation, or if you’re using machinery or a vehicle.

Does Walmart Drug Test On The Job?

It’s very rare that Walmart does a drug test on the job for normal shopfloor or warehouse employees.

These are low grade jobs and it’s simply not worth the effort unless there is an accident, or some other situation where they feel they have to, or are legally obliged to.

There are rare exceptions to this, especially if you change roles to something more responsible, but most people working for Walmart I’ve come across state they have never, ever, had a drug test during pre-employment or on the job in the past few years.

Does Walmart Distribution Center Drug Test?

The distribution center jobs are even worse than the shop ones for turnover of staff. So they don’t bother testing the basic employees, it’s just not financially viable.

If you drive a vehicle though, have a specialist role, are a manager, or use machinery, then you probably will be drug tested though, either prior to employment for that type of job, or sometimes on-the-job.

Just like the stores, you’re very unlikely to ever face a drug test as a basic employee.

How Does Walmart Compare To Other Employers?

Walmart seems to be incredibly lax about drug testing, but it’s by design are not just poor management.

The costs just don’t add up any more with the turnover of staff and the low risk of problems with people using drugs in reality.

Plus, when it would cost so much money to get rid of that employee and get another one in to replace them, then targeting them with drug tests when they might not have taken anything for days but still get caught out, is increasingly dumb, and employees are cottoning on to that fact.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. You could face a Walmart drug test, and that’s the same for any company. Situations differ, and although I’m telling you the overall risk profile here, you have to look at your individual situation and how much you want the job, or to keep the job.

For example, Amazon usually do a mouth swab drug test for all new hires, and urine drug testing on-the-job with suspicion or accidents.

What Happens If I Fail A Pre-Employment Drug Test?

There is a legal process that must be followed if you fail a drug test. It’s called the “adverse action process” and is part of a federal law to protect people from being discriminated against through drug testing.

You should get the right to see and understand your full drug test results in a one to one meeting in private with a company representative. That’s the case for pre-employment and on-the-job testing.

You should get the opportunity to explain the circumstances of the failure, and be given a retest should you want one.

As you can see, this is one of the reasons Walmart don’t bother drug testing as much as it used to. Even if you fail, they have to go through a process that costs even more time and money.

Walmart Detox Kit: What Do I Need To Pass An Employment Drug Test?

Despite their actual drug test policy, it’s unlikely that Walmart drug test new hires in 2024 beyond, or generally during employment.

It’s also getting increasingly unlikely with other businesses. However, a lot of them still do under certain circumstances, and you need to have strategies in place to beat them.

I’d still recommend you prepare for a drug test for pre-employment, and have something with you for on-the-job testing, regardless of how little chance you think there is, because there is still a chance with Walmart employees.

These are the products you can use to pass a drug test you could face:

1. Quick Luck synthetic urine

If you’re facing a urine drug test then Quick Luck synthetic urine is the best way to pass.

It’s premixed, and doesn’t rely on a heatpad or a microwave to get the temperature right, so it’s perfect for on-the-job drug testing. Even with just two minutes’ notice, out of sight, you can prepare a valid sample.

For pre-employment or any other type of test, it’s also brilliant because you can closely control the temperature, and it’s discreet enough to smuggle in and submit with ease.

These are the characteristics that Quick Luck has:

  • Looks, froths, smells like human urine
  • Contains the right amounts are creatinine, urea, and uric acid
  • Contains 14 common chemicals found in human urine
  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity ranges
  • Doesn’t rely on a heatpad or microwave

Out of sight, simply tap in about one quarter of the supplied heat activator powder. It’s undetectable, and will slightly raise the temperature.

Keep adding a little more, shaking it, and then watching the temperature strip for about 30 seconds each time, until you get a valid sample temperature (a reading on the temperature strip of between 90°F and 100 Fahrenheit).

That’s how easy it is to use Quick Luck, and you can buy it direct from Quick Luck for just $110 here. For a detailed review on using synthetic urine, click here.

2. Rescue Cleanse detox drink

If it’s a supervised drug test where you will be observed urinating, which would be the case for a failed retest, then a detox drink is your only option at short notice.

Rescue Cleanse is the best detox drink on the market. Not only will it flush out more toxins than can be achieved with just water, but it will do it at such a rate that it creates a gap in the flow of toxins being processed by the kidneys of several hours It floods the bladder, but is also balanced for what the urine contains, keeping it appearing natural, but clean for a few hours.

Rescue Cleanse isn’t as good as submitting a fake sample, but even a heavy user should get two or three hours completely clean during which they can submit a good sample.

You can buy Rescue Cleanse for just $55 from Clear Choice, by clicking here.

3. Toxin Rid detox pills

If you’ve got a week before your test, then even as a heavy smoker or user, the seven or 10 day course of Toxin Rid will get you clean in time.

With less time, the shorter courses of Toxin Rid will get you partially clean at least. Then, on the day of your test, use Rescue Cleanse, and because you’ve got less toxins in your body, it will work better, and you’ll be clean for longer.

You can buy Toxin Rid in course lengths from a single day all the way through to 10 days in length, direct from Test Clear by clicking here.