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Xstream Vs U Pass Synthetic Urine: Which Is The Best Synthetic Urine For Drug Test Success?

There are many brands of synthetic urine online for you to choose from, and there are stores that sell synthetic urine as well. How do you know which is the best? I’m going to look closely at two top brands right now. In the battle of XStream Vs U Pass which comes out top?

Not only am I going to review and compare these two synthetic urine brands in detail, but I’m also going to look at several other popular products you will read about frequently.

I’ll then compare them against the actual best synthetic urine products. By the end of this quick fake pee guide, you’ll know exactly which products will give you the best chance of passing that important drug test.

Key Characteristics Of Xstream Synthetic Urine

Let’s be honest and upfront here, Xstream is a budget brand. It only costs $30 for crying out loud!

It has the following key characteristics:

  • Uses a heatpad to keep it warm
  • Contains the right amounts of creatine, urea, and uric acid
  • Allegedly contains amino acids and proteins found in urine
  • Is within the correct pH and specific gravity ranges
  • Arrives premixed for convenience

Let’s just tackle the claim that it containing many amino acids and proteins that are found in urine. Let’s be clear, there are dozens of them, and there is no way on earth that XStream contains many, and I doubt any.

This product is dirt cheap and primarily marketed as fetish urine. In fact, they even mention using it outside to ward off other people’s cats! Does this sound like the stuff that will help you pass a drug test?

It didn’t really work 10 years ago, and it definitely won’t work now for a modern digitalized drug test. Stay away from this fake pee, it’s downright cheap and nasty.

Key Characteristics Of U Pass Synthetic Urine

The current formulation is U Pass 8.4. It sounds impressive, but when you look at the actual construction of the synthetic urine liquid, I’m pretty sure that the development number of the product is meaningless.

These are the characteristics that U Pass has:

  • The correct pH level and specific gravity level
  • The right proportions of urea and uric acid
  • Looks like urine

And hey guys, you’ll even get a rubber band with your box of U Pass! Yes, it’s that advanced.

Why do you need it? So that you can strap the heatpad to the vial of fake urine. Let’s be clear, the better brands of fake urine like Quick Luck and Test Clear Urine, but both do contain heatpads in the kits, have sticky heatpads that are thin and adhere precisely to the vial.

So this is just a cheap fix for a cheap kit. U Pass doesn’t really froth or smell like urine, and held up to the light, I don’t think it really looks like it, it’s too light and yellow.

Again, you’ll find it available dirt cheap online from all sorts of dodgy outlets. I really can’t recommend it to you, because current user feedback on knowledgeable sites and forums is hideous.

Xstream Vs U Pass: Which Is The Best Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test?

Look, some of the marketing hype and language around these fake urine products is just ridiculous. U Pass has been referred to as a “dominating” fake urine product. That’s just ridiculous nonsense.

Both of these are budget brands of fake urine. 10 years ago, you might have got through a drug test, because drug tests were more basic.

But modern drug testing is more advanced, better calibrated, better organized, and they know the tricks that you are trying to play. You’re simply not going to beat modern drug testing with a $30 bottle of fake urine.

I can’t recommend either of these brands of fake urine to you. You’ll fail your drug test, and there are far better options out there to choose from.

What About Products Like Magnum, Quick Fix, & Monkey Whizz?

Before I continue to tell you about modern drug testing, and which is the best synthetic urine for drug test success in 2024 and beyond with modern drug testing, let’s talk about other popular products you’ll read about that are also not great.

These are the other top brands that you’ll come across:

  • Magnum
  • Quick Fix
  • Monkey Whizz
  • Urine Luck
  • Synthetix5

Please, please, please, do not use any of these to try and pass that important drug test, because you will fail.

There’s really not much to tell them apart. They are all very basic and formulation, are not hugely convincing physically, and all of them rely on cheap heatpads that fail often.

Also, although Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz don’t contain biocide preservatives, and XStream also claims not to, there’s no information about the others.

Biocide preservatives are a footprint that some drug testing labs look for. The brands that contain biocide preservatives will fail a modern drug test because the validity checks before your analysis will check for the presence of them.

Are Modern Drug Tests Unbeatable?

You might be beginning to wonder that modern drug tests are unbeatable with synthetic urine. However, you’ll be pleased to know that’s not the case at all.

You just have to know exactly what happens during a drug test, and then pick the product that has the characteristics to beat each stage of the process.

First, I’m going to tell you the steps your sample will go through, then we will look at the characteristics fake urine needs to pass them.

  1. First, within two minutes of urinating, your sample will be tested for its temperature. Legally, and to have come from a human, it has to be tested at between 90°F and 100°F.
  • As long as it passes the temperature check, it will then undergo validity checks. Please look for adulterants, such as nitrates. They look at the pH of the sample, and whether it contains creatinine. Sometimes, they may look for other things like biocide preservatives, or one or two other natural ingredients.
  • If steps one and two are passed, then it will undergo urinalysis. This is a dipstick/panel test (either physical or digital) to see if they react to show the presence of the drugs being looked for.

It’s important to note that your sample will only ever go through a full analysis, called the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis if it’s a retest after a failure. Even then, this isn’t always the case.

So mostly, all your urine has achieved is being within the correct temperature range, and passing on very basic validity checks.

But it must also undergo some human scrutiny sometimes. Which is why you have to also try and get fake urine that looks like real urine, and hopefully smells and froths like it as well.

Other Points To Note About Using Synthetic Urine

Before we move on to tell you the best synthetic urine for drug test success right now, let’s give you three general pointers that will better your understanding of what’s required.

1. The sample must be submitted within the correct temperature range. Submitting the sample outside the correct temperature range is the biggest reason why fake samples fail.

2. You mustn’t get caught submitting the sample, or smuggling it in. Both of these are unlikely as long as you don’t arouse suspicion, and know how to smuggle it incorrectly. It’s easy to achieve smuggling in simply by tucking it into your underwear and wearing baggy jogging bottoms.

3. Don’t worry if you are facing a digital eCup style test, where your sample is put into a machine and then analyzed without human intervention. In fact, this avoids human scrutiny, and works for you, rather than against you.

Best Synthetic Urine: Clear Choice Quick Luck

Don’t bother looking for stores that sell synthetic urine, because none of them sell the best product on the market.

Clear Choice make a product called Quick Luck. It is the most complex and convincing fake urine on the market, backed up by the most reliable method of keeping it within the correct temperature range.

These are the characteristics of Clear Choice Quick Luck urine:

  • Contains the right proportion of creatinine
  • Contains the right amounts of urea and uric acid
  • Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Contains a total of 16 common chemicals found in urine
  • Looks, froths, and smells like human urine
  • Doesn’t rely on using a heatpad to correct the temperature

As you can see, that list is incredible compared to the poor quality composition and characteristics of brands like XStream and U Pass.

I want to focus on the fact it doesn’t rely on a heatpad. Usually, you activate a heatpad, strap it to the sample, and hope it keeps it within the correct temperature range until you submit it. That’s really not a great way of doing things though.

Clear Choice Quick Luck instead uses something called heat activator powder. It’s literally a white dissolvable powder that you tap into the premixed urine bottle.

Simply tap in about one-third and shake it gently until it is dissolved. Don’t worry, it’s not detectable in a drug test and it only takes about 30 seconds to vanish. In doing so it agitates the liquid and slightly raises the temperature.

Then watch the temperature strip that is attached to the vial of synthetic urine carefully for about one minute. Watch the temperature reading. If you don’t get one, tap in a little more and repeat the process until you do.

Because Clear Choice Quick Luck is premixed and doesn’t rely on a heatpad, it means you can prepare a viable sample in as little as two minutes. This makes it perfect for short-notice drug testing, to keep for on-the-job testing, for example.

Clear Choice Quick Luck is simply the best product on the market, and none of the budget brands get close to its quality.

For pricing and more details on Quick Luck, click here.

Best Alternative: Clear Choice Sub Solution

The second-best product to Quick Luck is actually the second-best product produced by the same company, Clear Choice.

Sub Solution was actually the original top-quality synthetic urine brand. The best you could buy for nearly 10 years.

Twice the price of the cheap competitors, but you’re getting a far better product that can actually pass a modern drug test.

Although Quick Luck improved on Sub Solution by being slightly more complex, and being premixed, Sub Solution still has the following characteristics:

  • Contains 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Contains the right amounts of creatinine, urea, uric acid
  • Looks, froths, and smells like human urine
  • Correctly balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Uses heat activator powder

Sub Solution is $15 cheaper than Quick Luck, and it’s cheaper because it’s not premixed. It’s a powder that you have to hydrate with filtered water (from a jug filter).

Other than that, it’s basically the same deal. You still get the great heat activator powder, and you’re still pass that important drug test.

Click here to read details on Sub Solution and to get pricing details.

Should You Buy Quick Luck Or Sub Solution?

The reason to choose Quick Luck over Sub Solution, if the money doesn’t matter to you, is that it’s premixed. That one less step of convenience means you can simply pick the bottle of urine up, along with the activator powder, wander to the test center, and just before you go in, get the temperature right.

For all the reasons I just stated, Sub Solution and Quick Luck are just part superior to the poor quality brands such as XStream and U Pass. For more info on fake urine, please check out my detailed guide.

Please do not cut corners on this. Saving $50 won’t be worth a single cent of that if you don’t pass the drug test, and unless you use the best you can get, then modern drug testing is just going to expose you and leave you looking pretty foolish.